The Heart of a Leader Part II

One thing I hope is clear already is the heart. If we are to be […]

April 26, 2015

The Heart of a Leader

Introduction- Leadership   A true leader makes themselves irrelevant but also raising up a replacement. […]

April 9, 2015

Creation- a scientific look Part 1

Back to the Beginning   One of the greatest strategies of the enemy has been […]

April 7, 2015
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Teaching His Word from a pure heart

Welcome to Pure Heart Ministries

Welcome to Pure Heart Ministries We seek to provide you a wealth of material to help you defend the hope, grow up spiritually and to be encourage and strengthened in the Lord. We have a variety of sections for you to review and enjoy. In Defending the Hope we look at key issues such as Creationism and provide you solid material to help you defend your faith in Creationism. We have a section called “A Now Word” which has fresh manna from heaven to encourage you and build you up to face today victoriously. Then we have a section called “Foundations” which is a series of teaching on the foundations of our belief. If you want a better understanding on key subjects like salvation, water baptism or healing this is the place to start. We then have a section on “Leadership” which provides powerful insight on how to be an effective leader in the Body and in life. Finally, we have a “Call to Action” section. We are called to be witnesses and to win “souls for Jesus.” The Call to Action provides strategic calls for every believe to step up to the plate in this hour and make an impact for Jesus.

If you are looking for a church we invite you to join us on Sunday morning at 10:30 am and evening at 6pm at Faith World Outreach. We also have a mid week service on Thursday at 6:30pm. The church is located at 1280 S Rt 59, Bartlett IL

Check out our latest video messages or presentations. We pray they encourage and strengthen you. Also join us at one of the following calendar events.
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