Creation- a scientific look Part 1

Back to the Beginning


One of the greatest strategies of the enemy has been to discredit the Lord God as the Creator. The Word declares Him Holy and that He can’t lie. The devil has sought to deceive people into believing that parts of the Bible are untrue and that we can pick and choose which parts we want to believe in. Further the strategy he used in the Garden on Eve he is still using. Man believes we know all things and we are equal to God. He is no longer the Lord God but a god.


By attacking Creation the devil has talked so many out of their divine rights. After all if the Lord lied about creation why would He tell the truth about healing or even better salvation? In the creation story we discover foundational truths. By denying creation we have lost those foundations and now live according to what is right in our own eyes. Like Eve we stop walking by the spirit and start walking by what we see and feel. The problem with feelings is they are subject to change and what we see is subject to our ever changing interpretation. You see unlike the Lord God we change. God has walked by the same principles from the beginning. James said of the Father “with whom there is no variation, or shadow of drifting.”


The whole purpose of Creation was man. The Lord has wanted a relationship with man. The Lord chose us before anything was ever created that we would be holy and blameless before Him. Since the Fall, man has not been able to stand before God holy and blameless. That is why Jesus came, because through Him and our receiving salvation, we can enjoy once again an intimate relationship with God. God promised man that He would send a Savior right there in the garden in Genesis 3: 15. John says that in the beginning was the Word. Jesus was there right in the beginning, and as the book of Hebrews says, through Him all things were made. You did not happen by accident, but out of love you were fearfully and wonderfully made.


So as you read this I pray it gives you food for thought. We live in a generation where we are bombarded with evolutionary teaching and if you chose to believe in creationism you are cast as a fool and backward. We have become convinced that evolution is not a theory or set of theories but fact. No one ever mentions the issues with evolution. When we as creationist face an issue we can’t explain we put it on God they saying mockingly yet when evolutionists face issues they can’t explain they go around them.


While I am a biochemist and have taught evolution at high school, I am not an expert. The goal is to provide you information to make you think and then go research it for yourself. I will seek to prove that there are major holes in evolutionary thinking and that creationism is scientifically sound. I was always taught that religion and science can’t go together. The problem is religion is about man’s opinions and not about divine truths. The Word is scientifically sound while man’s religious opinions may not be.


In Isaiah chapter forty, verse forty two it says, “It is He who sits above the circle of the earth…”

In Proverbs chapter eight, verse twenty seven reads, “When He established the heavens, I was there. When He inscribed a circle on the face of the deep…”


In this study I will touch on key believes of evolutionists and give a creationist answer to them. I will not go deep into the science so I don’t lose you. You can go do a deeper dive.




As man has considered himself more and more intelligent, he has decided in his great wisdom to eliminate God from the picture. In order to do this, he must give another explanation for how we got here. What evolutionists fail to tell is the full story. There are just as many quality arguments for Creation as there are for evolution. In fact, the only argument which gives them a powerful marketing tool is the issue of time, which is also a major argument against evolution. Basic Creation argues the world is only six thousand years old, while evolutionists say it is millions of years old. The fact is, that if the evolutionary theory was correct, there simply was not enough time for us to evolve. What is also interesting is that in order for life to exist and continue, it needs to reproduce itself. In order to reproduce itself, there needs to be certain things present at the same time: mechanism of reproduction, mechanism to supply energy, a genetic code, the necessary enzymes involved (which need to be produced), and a cell for its different parts to reproduce. These all need to be present at the same time. If one studies genetic engineering or even the cell structure, you will see just how intricate and complex the procedure is. It is also worth noting that most mutations which are the basic foundation of evolution, are negative. Under the Law of Survival of the Fittest, anything that was different was put out from the community reducing its chances of living. Further, a change of just three nucleotides can be fatal. There are over a billion nucleotides different between man and ape. It is hard to understand why a person studying these cannot expect that God had to do it. Man, with all his intelligence, cannot reproduce anything quite like a living system. God has revealed His wisdom and power even in the simplest of living systems, let alone all of creation.


So let us look at some arguments of evolution and give some food for thought.


Natural Selection


As a biochemist and former high school biology teacher I have studied and taught natural selection. The argument is that by natural selection slowly living things that have an advantage evolve and those that don’t evolve to better suite their environment die. The problem is natural selection does not bring about anything new. Selection occurs among things that already exist.


So what about the appearance of new species? First of all in biology technically is defined by the ability to breed. So a lion and a tiger while in theory different species can interbreed and produce offspring. But in reality they are cats. A cat and dog can’t interbreed and produce offspring.


Adaption is something that both creation and evolution agree on. God limited that everything would reproduce after its “own kind” or species and that is what we see in nature. Many arguments for new species that have evolved will interbred with the original species. So in reality we don’t see a true new species but an adaption.


Let us talk about mutations for a minute. Things are broken by mutations. That is mutations are negative and typically we see the loss of something with a mutation. For example the loss of wings or sight. We will come back to mutations later.


Life is defined by communication


We must remember randomness can’t compete with intelligence. A mutation is totally random in evolution. Life is extremely complex. Even the process of DNA replication is very involved. Here is a very simplified version of the process…


  • DNA replication begins with is referred to as the “unzipping” of the parent molecule by breaking hydrogen bonds between the base pairs are broken.
  • Once the base pairs are exposed, the single strand sequence of bases serve as a to which a complementary sequences of bases which are synthesized are inserted or attached
  • The new strands are assembled from deoxynucleoside triphosphates.
  • The nucleotides are assembled in the order that complements the order of bases on the strand serving as the template.
  • When the process is complete, two DNA molecules have been formed identical to each other and to the parent molecule.



So what has this got to do with communication and why is communication important to life? Communication is at the heart of all key processes with even the simplest cell. Communication involves a sender and receiver. Information must be communicated in language understood by both the sender and receiver. In all but bacterial cells there is a kinesin which is a delivery system of sorts. In the process of DNA replication this complex system requires a lot of meaningful communication and involves many components. This does not happen by random chance but intelligently.


For life to exist or suddenly appear it is necessary that intelligent information, a language to communicate that information and a communication system all be in place at the same time. We could spend hours on this subject discussion very processes in the cell, even simplest cell, that require complex communication of intelligent information. Add to this that within what is referred to as “junk” DNA we see overlapping codes. That is we see codes that provide information for multiple things. For years “junk” DNA was considered the garbage of evolution. Something that has since been discovered to have been a major blunder. Within the genome 2% of it codes for protein. The rest called junk DNA has since been found to play important roles in the cell.


We see with the genome a vast amount of code or information. Some evolutions like to think we came from monkeys due to the similarities and we do share a high level of similarity of DNA. This is not surprising. All estimates stated we shared 98% of the same DNA (though this has dropped). But assuming a 98% similarity the 2% difference is a code of 6 million letters. Creation believes we share a common design while evolution believes we share a common ancestor.


Genetic Entropy


Genetic entropy is the degradation of information in DNA over time. Evolution believes we are evolving to a better state but in reality we are going downhill.


To explain as we age we see ongoing cell divisions. With each division we see mutations in our DNA. By the age of 60 years old we will have in one skin cell around 40, 000 mutations. In the whole body it will be in the neighborhood of trillions of mutations. These mutations play a role in aging and dying. Further we pass some or transfer some of these mutations on to our children. So from generation to generation the number of mutations increases. So we are devolving and not evolving. The human genome in reality is rusting out like an old car.


The famous evolutionist, Alexy Kondrashov stated “Why aren’t we dead 100 times over.”


The information points out that we started with a perfect genome that has devolved over time. Creation will argue Adam had a perfect genome until the fall and since the fall death has reigned which impacted the human genome.


Origin of Life


We have all heard about the swamp that life evolved out of or the RNA world. In the swamp theory inorganic chemicals somehow formed organic molecules. The Miller/ Urey experiment and experiments that followed whereby certain gases under certain conditions produced organic molecules was thought to have been the breakthrough in showing how life started. While they did produce components of RNA as well as RNA and DNA could be created recent studies disagree with a lot of the logic behind the tests including the belief the atmosphere contained predominately reductant molecules. So it would not have been possible to form RNA or DNA in the amounts the experiment produced.


There are problems with the swap theory or chemical evolution. Chemicals react in the opposite way than that required for life. Further the presence of water molecules in the swap would be a negative thing. Water destroys the bonds between chemicals faster than they can form. Water pushes the reaction towards the formation of little molecules and not the big ones required for life.


The next theory is the RNA world where RNA would form and reproduce itself and evolve. This is a desperate attempt and last straw by evolutionists to explain the origin of life. RNA needs a protein to reproduce. Further, RNA is extremely unstable. In a cell DNA which is not as unstable as RNA requires constant fixing by a repair system in the cell. So a pool of RNA without a system to fix or repair the RNA would not work.


RNA consists of a sugar, a base and a phosphate. These don’t naturally combine. Again the ribos (base units of RNA) and bases that make up RNA decompose very rapidly. So right from the start you have a major problem as these components do not naturally come together. What made them come together then?


In fact many evolutionists now believe the earth was seeded by life from elsewhere either by accident or through aliens. This does not resolve the issue of the origin of life but puts the focus elsewhere. Further, if aliens did it you bring in intelligence into the equation but remove moral requirements. If The Lord God created us then we are compelled to obey His rules. Today the foundational laws He established in the Garden are under attack. It is interesting that the devil waited until Adam and Eve were married to attack.

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