Final Authority

crux-1r1.blogFor many years I have said change is only change when there is change! This is a true statement! I have discovered this just how true it is. The reality is we think we want change but rarely want change so much that we will pay any price. We need a holy desperation. We must see with eyes wide open our absolute need for change. We must stop appeasing the giants in our life and instead with boldness bring them down. Bad behavior must not be glossed over with excuses. If we are Christians let us be Christians! No more games and no more watered down belief systems. To say I am a Christian means I bow all to the Lord Jesus and His authority. All means all and not what we chose to bow.

 If walking with authority so we can together fulfill the Great Commission then read on. If you have come to a place where enough is enough and the old you must go then read one. If you want to walk and experience His Kingdom on this earth and you are tired of the enemy stealing your lunch then this book is for you. But if you want to continue to live a compromised life and walk politically correct this book will offend. This book calls for a radical surrender to His authority and the acknowledgement that He is Lord and Head of the Body. It will enforce that He is final authority and to Him we must in absolute surrender yield all.

 Every story has a beginning. So where do I begin? Where I end! A few years back I had a vision in which the Lord brought me a simple message, “I bring you encouragement for the tough times.” Little did I know what was in front of me! Life became very difficult and every time it seemed it was over it would get worse.

 I recall coming to a place where I finally asked the Lord “Have you forgotten me?” I was down and it looked like I was out. I was traveling a lot and spent many hours in planes. During one of these flights I recall the Lord spoke to me. I am grateful for all the great words of positives He has for me, but He said two things He had against me. He said I was like to Him a David but also a Jacob. This book will focus on the Jacob component. So what were the two issues?

 First He said, “It was time to stop running,” and secondly, “stop walking by your emotions.” I am grateful that not alone did He save me but He saved me from me. Like Jacob we all need an encounter with final authority where we wrestle until our flesh is defeated and our walk is forever changed.

 As times became more and more difficult I became more and more angry. I have discovered from the Lord than anger is the flesh trying to walk with authority. We want to enforce our authority because we have lost it. As I will show in this book you can’t overcome rebellion with rebellion.

 We need that encounter with Him and He must be final authority. Everything in us must bow. All anger, bitterness, personal rights, demands, agenda and everything must bow before Jesus. In Zechariah chapter four verse six we are told that it is not by might or power but by the Spirit. That means our might and our power must surrender to His Spirit. I was always trying to make it happen and in doing so prevented the Lord from working His perfect will. Instead of the fruit of the Spirit coming forth, the fruit of the flesh with all of its strife, hurt, rejection, bitterness, and anger manifested. The result was destruction.

 It was time to get real and become broken before the Lord. Change is only change when there is change. Only He can bring about that change but we must chose it and we must pursuit it. Learning to walk not by your emotions but by the Spirit takes practice. We can deceive and delude ourselves that everything is fine and put on a good image for the world and church to see. But our heart will be revealed by the fruit we bear, the words of our mouth and the authority we walk with in the spiritual realm. You can make spiritual authority happen! Either you have it or you don’t! Lack of authority is replaced by intimidation, manipulation and anger.

 We live in a world where terrorism is taking over. But we serve a bigger God. We can walk free from such fear with a bold confidence.

 As a believer I want to magnify Him. As a minister I want to walk with greater depth when I preach or share the Word. I want to be like Jesus who taught with authority. When He taught lives were changed and people were set free. That is what I want. But it must start with me. This book is a journey that starts when we come to the threshing floor and finally surrender to the Lord. Along the way we learn to reign in life through Him and we impact the world around us with His kingdom.


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